This demonstration video for the Canadian Pacific Railway's police service was a joy to do for Ewan at Ewan Nicholson PhotoVideo. Having a small amount of location audio supplied, I had a lot of fun building most of the soundscape from scratch, and I was able to employ plenty of sound guy tricks to create the sounds. I also got to do a little voiceover work, which is always a blast!

My biggest project to date was a wonderful short film called Metanoia, by Left Side Pictures and written/directed by Levi Holwell. Metanoia won the 2016 Rosie (AMPIA) for Best Cinematography thanks to Jordan Drake's work as DP, though I declined submission for best sound. I recorded all of the location audio, and also did the sound design. This was a very challenging project, as the director wanted simple, subtle audio that didn't overwhelm the film. I was tasked with creating tension and conveying the emotion of the film using minimal sound effects, which was immensely rewarding and a lot of fun!

Metanoia will soon be featured the in Calgary International Film Festival under the Alberta Spirit Gala awards, and was just recently featured at the Toronto International Independent Film Festival. You can view the trailer below!

I recently had the pleasure of working with The Light Factory and the very talented Jenny Kost on the official announcement video for Block Heater, a new winter music festival by Calgary Folk Fest. Thankfully, it was not a cold as it looks!

A school project from APRA. We were tasked with writing, recording, and editing an audio advertisement within broadcast radio specifications, for a product we had to make up. I perform the voice of the main announcer, and played a key role in producing the ad, including talent direction, and made key decisions that led to a consensus on music and SFX for the ad.

Another APRA class project, this time for a fictional company with a history. We had to create an ad from scratch, but to the specifications of not only broadcast radio, but what the "client" wanted. Again, I play the role of the main announcer. This time around, we recorded the voices as a team, but were left to add music and SFX individually, with minimum requirements for music beds and SFX.

Another animated logo we posted at APRA. This is for Dreadnaught Digital, a local production company. This was probably one of my favourite audio post projects. I'm pretty proud of the way it came together. Simple, but impactful.

This is NOT the official Dreadnaught Digital animated logo, this is just my version of it from school. Thanks to Jeremy Pollock of Dreadnaught Digital for letting me post this. Dreadnaught can be found at

A project I did while enrolled at APRA, each of us was tasked with posting sound to a quick animated intro, from scratch, using the studio's sound and music library.

Scotch Bastards is (was?) an independent TV show about Scotch whisky. This was a school project, and is NOT the official intro for the show.

A video I shot for Jeff Bingham, the Canadian Adventurer to be used alongside his gallery at the Canon Image Square in Calgary, Alberta. You can learn more about Jeff's photography and workshops at While I created the music for this video, composition is just a hobby at this point, and something I'm still working on.