A newly established sound design company, Seventeen aims to bring affordable audio post production and mixing to up-and-coming artists working on a budget.

Although Seventeen is a new business, the company is backed by 7 years working full-time in 2 high-end camera stores, keeping up with new technologies related to photography, videography, and audio; cultivating knowledge and experience from being immersed in the industry and helping customers on a day-to-day basis.

On top of that experience, Mark has recently graduated from the Academy of Production and Recording Arts, where he was able to nurture and develop his passion for audio, and acquire a vast amount of knowledge and experience.



George Lucas said that sound is half of what we see, and we couldn't agree more. We also understand that it's not easy to pull off good sound design, especially when you're a one-man crew. The mission of Seventeen is to help make sure every artists can make their project sound as good as it looks.

While we love working in person with clients, these days people have crazy schedules, or maybe aren't even in the same city, province, or country. At Seventeen, we're embracing services like Skype and OneDrive to make sure we can continue to work on projects regardless of client schedules or location.